Elevated Journaling Kit


This is a high quality journal with a smooth white leather cover and gold inlaid print. A satin ribbon is built in to help you keep your place along with a pen holder and an elastic privacy closure to keep your book closed up when you are finished for the day.

    • college ruled journal
    • 5.5″x8.5″
    • 96 sheets
    • Features satin ribbon bookmark, elastic privacy closure, expandable paper pocket in back, pen loop and thread-sewn book binding.

Elevated Journaling Guide

      • Goal setting guide
      • Mindset shift exercises
      • Gratitude exercises
      • Food logging prompt
      • Connection guide
      • and more 🙂

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Journaling has been a part of the Elevated Wellness Culture from the beginning. It is utilized throughout the online courses and one-on-one consulting to help you develop a deeper sense of self awareness and balance that will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

The Elevated Journaling Kit is powerful because it makes you REFLECT on what your health goals are and take notice of your daily focus. It will make you take into account what your daily efforts are and identify if they are leading you closer to your overall goals!

“The daily practice of journaling has changed my life. I am so much more intentional with my morning routine when I use this journal to set my day up. This made me think about my daily choices and where I am wanting to lead my life in the long run.” – Terry S.

This journaling kit will teach you how to:

  • Set a daily intention to accomplish your health goals
  • Increase your focus on what is a priority in your life
  • Develop a practice of gratitude
  • Improve confidence and healthy decision making
  • Identify habits and tendency that are holding you back as well as ones that are good and help you to move forward
  • Better practice mindfulness

Use this journal to keep track of your habits as you develop new ones and to take note of your mental dialogue to recognize how you react to challenges and overcome them as you progress towards your goals.

“I always wanted to journal but was not sure how to start. This Journaling Kit taught me how to use this practice as a tool and achieve my goals so much easier!”

– Rebecca B.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 × 3 in


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