Meal Plan for Promoting Sleep



Studies show certain foods can help us fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer. This meal plan has been created to deliver the right nutrients at the right time to help your brain make the hormones it needs to have a healthy sleep.

At the beginning of the day and throughout, complex carbohydrates give you sustained energy to keep you focused and fueled. Toward the end of the day however, the carbohydrates become simpler to taper off your energy and promote sleepiness.

Foods that contain magnesium and tryptophan are also distributed throughout so that by the end of the day, these nutrients have accumulated to provide the building blocks for important hormones involved in nighttime processes. Tart cherries are the theme for dessert as they contain high amounts of melatonin, which cause you to feel sleepy.

Please note – it’s best to eat dinner (and dessert) no less than 4 hours before bed. Closer to bedtime, try an herbal tea like passion flower, chamomile, valerian, or hops. Studies show promising results for these herbs increasing feelings of calmness, relaxation and sleepiness.

In combination with a solid nighttime routine (including reduced screen time at least 1 hour before bed), this meal plan can help you get the perfect night’s… zZzZzZzz.

Average Daily Nutrition: 1800 calories, 81 g protein, 72 g fat, 213 g carbohydrates, 36 g fiber

3 meals and 1 healthy dessert per day

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