Elevated Nutrition and Wellness

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ELEVATE Your Health and Performance Sustainably

Whole food nutrition recommendations, mindfulness and stress management practices, as well as a variety of cutting edge approaches built into every nutrition and wellness program.

Elevated’s Registered Dietitians blend evidence based research with sustainable behavioral interventions to maximize your success.

We focus on optimizing your short term AND lifelong term health for maximal performance every step of the way. Go the extra mile everyday with Elevated Nutrition and Wellness.

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Nutrition & Wellness Consultations

Learn the science behind good nutrition choices. Have a personalized wellness program created for you. Feel energized and focused, improve your sleep, maintain a healthy weight, and optimize your performance with our one-on-one nutrition consultations!

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Wellness Workshops

Winning teams are made from happy, healthy, and productive members! Take your team to the next level with Elevated’s Wellness Workshops. Common components of our workshops are group lectures, cooking lessons or demos, one-on-one consultations, and health professional collaborations (including meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, and personal trainers).

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Menu Creation | Meal Plans

In search of a personalized meal plan? Or maybe you are in need of a professional menu created by a Registered Dietitian? Here at Elevated, we select each recipe by hand to ensure that your menu is delicious and filling. Rich in variety, texture, flavor, and color, our meal plans are a sensational way to reach your health goals!

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Client Testimonials

What helps me the most is food prepping and knowing what I will eat all day. I have been successful at avoiding temptation because the meals (Elle recommended) for me are delicious and satisfying and since I have them prepared I don’t need to free feed. My laziness about cooking created bad habits. Now that I am more thoughtful about the entire process from shopping to cooking to prep and eating I don’t feel the need to eat just anything. I’m just glad Andrea recommended (Elle) to me. (She) is just what I need to get my diet and habits back on track.
Brenda D.

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