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designed to energize your passions
while reducing anxiety & fatigue.
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Elevated Nutrition & Wellness

Remote nutrition and lifestyle consulting

Providing personalized nutrition and routine focused strategies to level up your health physically and mentally so you can thrive.
Elevated Consulting Helps You:

Find Your Balance

Learn to prioritize and improve your self care with a focus on performance, self love and delicious food.

No two people are the same. Our private consulting and group programs meet you where you're at. We build you up step-by-step to guide you in reaching your optimal health and performance outcomes through a balanced lifestyle.

Elevated Elements of Wellness

Every element of wellness in your life is fluid. Each element influences the others. Your Elevated Practitioner will teach you essential skills that you can use to find your balance between the elements so you can thrive.

We streamline your nutrition and daily routines to help you overcome road blocks that are holding you back.

Sometimes all you need is a simple tweak, other times you need larger lifestyle adjustments. We work with you to provide targeted recommendations that allow you to thrive.

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What to Expect

Increased energy, vitality, and ability to focus.

Know what to eat and when to support your physical and mental health. 

Stay motivated and accountable with our Private Consulting or Seasonal Community Workshops.

Look and feel better everyday you put your self care first!