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Elevated Nutrition & Wellness

Remote nutrition and lifestyle consulting

Personalized habit and routine focused strategies designed to improve your nutrition, fitness and cognitive function.
Elevated Consulting Helps You:

Find Your Balance

Reprioritize your self care through routine focused interventions.

Achieve your weight, physical and mental performance goals naturally through proper nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Expect the best when you work one-on-one or in the online group coaching programs with Registered Dietitian Eleanor Baker.

Elevated Elements

Every element of wellness in your life is fluid and capable of influencing the others.

Eleanor will walk through each element with you to help identify areas you are doing well as well as others that need focused attention. Her holistic approach provides a comprehensive approach towards optimizing your nutrition.

Through the completion of the assessment, she will provide targeted nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. These activities and habits are designed to be integrated into your daily routines to cultivate lifelong healthy outcomes.

Book a Discovery Session and find out if you are a good fit for our 

Private Consulting or Group Coaching Programs.

What to Expect

Easy recipes and meal plans to follow to support healthy weight management.

Lifestyle interventions that support longterm habit and routine formation.

Accountability check-ins to support goal progression.

Challenges integrated into each follow-up session to keep you moving forward.