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For individuals and teams

Holistic Sports Nutrition

Struggling with fatigue, slow recovery times, fading in workouts or poor power output? 

Team up with me to create a strategic nutrition plan tailored to meet your training intensities and performance goals.

Increase your energy, curb your hunger and accelerate your performance with Holistic Sports Nutrition Coaching.

Medical grade nutrition therapy

Gut Healing Program

Has constipation, diarrhea, gas, or bloating become commonplace for you?

These are signs that your digestive capacity is compromised. 

Restricted diets may help alleviate symptoms but they do not treat the root cause of your digestive irritability.

We will create a comprehensive plan to heal your gut through clinical testing, nutrition therapy and supplementation.

Professional Nutrition Coaching

Take your health and performance to the next level naturally.

Thrive with expert nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Personalized holistic nutrition plans tailored to meet your needs

Medical grade holistic health coaching with a high performance focus for lifelong results.

Elle is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and promoting healthy lifestyles! Highly recommended for anyone trying to make positive changes in their lives.
Brittney Skopek

A holistic approach...

For your nutrition to work well, you need to ensure the other elements of your wellbeing are in order.

Having strong clear goals, a good nights sleep and routines that regularly prioritize time to exercise and prepare meals help to maximize your ability to improve your nutrition.

My coaching programs integrate lifestyle and behavioral therapy with nutrition recommendations to catalyze your success. I use routine focused behavioral interventions that create simple and sustainable solutions that continue to serve you for a lifetime.

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