Elevated Nutrition and Wellness focuses on evidence based research to ensure that you are making the best choices for your health. With an emphasis on whole food nutrition, mindful movement, and stress reduction, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Eleanor Baker, will develop a personalized plan with you to support your needs and catalyze your progress towards achieving your wellness goals.

Individual Nutrition Consultations

Learn the science behind good nutrition and have a own personalized nutrition and wellness plan created just for you. Achieve your optimal health, wake up energized, stay focused, maintain a healthy weight, and sleep better when you work with a professional.

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Worksite Wellness Programs

The best companies are made from happy, healthy and productive employees. Take your company and its employees to the next level with Elevated's Worksite Wellness Programs.

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Personalized Meal Plans

Enhance your weekly menu with your own personalized meal plan that has been specifically tailored to meet your nutritional needs!

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Thank you Elle, you’re an awesome person and are making this whole process enjoyable where I feared it’d  be a chore
Elite Runner, Gene