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Team up with a Registered Dietitian for a personalized guidance nutrition and lifestyle.


Sports nutrition program

Weight management coaching

Gastrointestinal healing program

Professional nutrition coaching

Unlock your holistic nutrition advantage for health and performance.
Learn to thrive with proper nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
Heal your gut, absorb more nutrients - feel the difference.

Medical grade nutrition and lifestyle coaching
for lifelong results.

Elevated elements

Every element of wellness in your life is fluid and capable of influencing the others.

Work through each element with Eleanor to identify what is going well as where great attention needs to be focused for your health. This holistic approach provides you with a comprehensive approach to optimizing your nutrition in a step by step manner.

Through the completion of the assessment, you will have targeted nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to integrate into your routines. These activities and habits are designed to be integrated into your daily routines to cultivate lifelong healthy outcomes.