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Elevated is a Remote Dietetics Practice that specializes in sports nutrition and weight management

LEVEL UP your workouts, streamline your healthcare routine, optimize your body composition, and start living the balanced energized life that you desire!

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Work with an Elevated Registered Dietitian through our sustainable wellness programs to catalyze your success and reach your goals.

Hone in your nutrition, fitness and overall wellness with Elevated wherever you go with our telehealth consultations and online programs!

What are you waiting for? Let’s crush some goals!

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Learn how to balance the 8 Elements of Wellness. Through years of working with clients, it has become apparent that for optimal health, we need to have balance. If one element is not properly tended to, we see a ripple effect that impacts the others.

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8 Elements of Wellness

By taking this holistic approach, we are able to streamline your nutrition and lifestyle practices to support proper digestion, improved energy and sleep, optimize body composition and support an overall sense of wellbeing.

No two humans are the same, this is why we strive to customize our nutrition and lifestyle programs to best fit YOUR needs! The 8 Elements of Wellness is one way we go about doing that. We work with you as a team to create a customized program that is tailored to meet your needs and catalyze your success towards your specific goals. Achieve the balance you seek through our behavior and dietary interventions.

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