What to Expect

  • Personally tailored advice. Eleanor will take the time to learn about your past and current health, favorite foods, eating, and exercise habits to decide with you the health goals that YOU want to work towards.
  • Maintenance and monitoring. Throughout follow-up consultations you will work together as a team to find techniques that help to keep you accountable and progressing towards your set goals.
  • Motivation. You and Eleanor will find your greatest motivating factors for improved health and develop strategies to keep you driven throughout your health journey.
  • Improvement in health. From your waistline and lab values to your energy levels and mood, a healthy diet supports a vibrant lifestyle that makes your feel your best every day.

Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation

75 minute consultation

This consultation will help you learn the fundamentals of nutrition, build on your current knowledge, and define goals to work towards. You and Eleanor will work as a team to identify personal health and or educational goals, and establish steps necessary to achieve them. The session is at your pace and will be based on your needs, previous education, and current nutritional standing. The initial consultation session will provide basic nutrition education, and provide tools necessary to establish habits for life long health and help your start to move toward better health.

Follow-up Sessions

Session duration: 30-60 minutes

The content of the follow up sessions are based on the goals and needs explored in the Initial Consultation. These follow-up sessions are designed to build on one another to advance your education and skill set each time. These sessions will answer any of your nutrition questions, help you solidify sustainable habits for optimal health, as well as be a support system you can refer back to in your health journey.



Skill Building Sessions

Nutrition Analysis

60-90 minute session duration

Customized dietary nutrient analysis based upon your recorded intake. The analysis will look at snapshot of your overall calorie, macronutrient, vitamin and mineral intake. This analysis will identify any surplus or deficiency in the diet, taking into account your activity levels, age, sex, and current health status. Eleanor will walk you through the results and provide in-depth information and expert advice to improve your diet for optimum health.

-Requirements: accurate dietary log for this session and an Initial Consultation.

Lunch and Learn

1.5 hour session

Meet Eleanor out for lunch and learn how to select the best options on the menu, key words to look for and how to order to fit your personal needs! Get the most from your meal out by building a complete plate and learn to best navigate appetizers, drinks, entrées and sides. Can be held at any of you favorite local spots or Eleanor always has a few in mind!

Groups are encouraged!

Grocery Store Tour

75 minute tour, 1-4 participant limit

A smaller class size allows for in-depth, personalized education in your favorite grocery store. The tour will help you to better understand how a grocery store is set up, how to correctly read food labels, get tips and information on selecting the best products for you to bring home. We will look into hot topics such as hidden sugars and processed versus unprocessed products. Feel free to express if there are areas you wish to focus on specifically prior to the tour and we will be sure to thoroughly cover your topics of interest.  

Private Cooking Lesson


Duration: 2-3 hours in client’s home or other specified location

Eleanor will provide a culinary education on how to build a nourishing meal. She will provide specific tips to help you reach personal health goals (i.e. low sodium, fat, calorie content, heart healthy, muscle building, or simply delicious!). She will lead an interactive demonstration on how to cook an energizing, mouth-watering meal. Groups are encouraged!

  • Provided: Grocery list, recipe, additional educational materials, lots of smiles and laughter, and delicious food to try!