About Eleanor

Eleanor Baker, MS, RD, LDN
Holistic Sports Nutritionist

I first fell in love with nutrition while I competing as a Division 1 Cross Country and Track athlete. There I experienced first hand the impact that proper nutrition practices had on my performance. Without access to experienced guidance at that time, I found myself researching and self-experimenting to see what worked best to enhance my performance… with more or less success. I found at that time that the information was not always straight forward and was sometimes impractical for my training and lifestyle.

Frustrated and determined to make this path easier for other athletes, I set out bridge the gap between research and practical interventions with nutrition in sport.

By my Junior year I was really able to hit my stride with my training. I shifted from tired,  injured, sick and sore to strong, energized, light and lean. Honing in my meals and snacks allowed me to recover 24-48 hours faster than before. That year I qualified for the NCAA East Regional Championships in the women’s 3K Steeplechase. I went on to repeat that effort the following year and break the school record in the 1500.

I believe that nutrition strategies should be simple and supportive for your training and lifestyle, 

not an added source of stress in your busy schedule.

I continued my education by completing both Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of North Florida. This 6 year program was exceptionally heavy in Medical Nutrition Therapy complete with hospital rotations and providing therapy in outpatient clinics. I have seen the health of my patients transform in front of my eyes as they heal their bodies from the inside out based on how they are nourishing their bodies.

In 2017, I started Elevated Nutrition and Wellness to provide a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on nutrition and lifestyle interventions that enhances athletic performance while improving long term health outcomes. In athletic programs, we are seeing the shift from pushing athletic limits everyday (which often resulted in career compromising injuries) to a more mature approach that supports longevity in sport and optimal performance at select competitions. Here at Elevated, we are focused on the long run in optimizing your performance.

In 2022, after 2 years of research intensive work I graduated from the International Olympic Committee’s Sports Nutrition Diploma. During this time I learned a variety of cutting edge approaches with nutrition for all sports featured in the Olympics. 

Be Dynamic With Your Nutrition

A great training plan is progressive and dynamic to prevent stagnation in performance, why should your nutrition be any different? Learn how to shift your nutrition to support training cycles and address symptoms so you can keep moving forward. I teach you how to cut through dietary clutter by providing you with personalized programs that support your unique health needs, athletic history and desired outcomes.

Amazing companies and groups I have had the pleasure of working with: 

The PGA Tour, Jacksonville Jaguars, University of North Florida Athletics, Florida Institute of Technology Athletics, Ventura College and High School, Ojai Valley Inn and Club and many more.


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist #86040929
  • Licensed Dietitian #ND8261
  • Sports Nutrition Director at Tagalong with a Pro
  • Nutrition Coordinator at PGA Tour Headquarters and Entertainment 2016-2019
  • Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of North Florida
  • International Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Diploma Graduate
  • International Certificate in Sports Nutrition – Mastermind Asker Jeukendrup
  • NCAA D1 2 x East Regional Qualifier in the Women’s 3K steeplechase and cross country
  • Running Personal Records:
    • 10:19 in 3K steeplechase
    • 4:24 in 1500
    • 1:25:00 Half Marathon
  • Assistant coach at:
    • Bolles High School
    • Ventura College

Fun Facts

While I love to work closely with teams and individuals to enhance their performance and increase the longevity of their athletic careers. In my free time, I enjoy doing anything outside, traveling and exploring to new places, getting off the grid, freediving, running, cooking, van camping, art, gardening, reading, building community, caring for animals and hanging out with friends.