About Team Elevated

Eleanor Baker, MS, RD, LDN
Owner of Elevated

As a nationally ranked Division 1 Cross Country and Track athlete in college, Eleanor saw first hand the impact proper nutrition practices had on performance. In the process of completing undergrad and her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, she began to understand how monumental a balanced nutrition and wellness plan could be for preventative healthcare and longevity.

Eleanor started Elevated Nutrition and Wellness as a way to provide exceptional performance enhancement and preventative healthcare in holistic manner. She understands that exceptional healthcare is a progressive process and not always a quick fix. Having an expert to guide one along the way though, helps to catalyze one’s success and result in improved outcomes.

The vision to give access the Elevated community access to their practitioner at their finger tips via telehealth started in 2016. Since then she has exceeded expectations through working with amazing individuals and companies like: The PGA Tour, Jacksonville Jaguars, University of North Florida Athletics, Florida Institute of Technology Athletics, St. Pauls by the Sea, Crunch Fitness, and many more.

Alyssa Fernandes, MS, RD, LDN
Elevated Dietitian

Alyssa Fernandes is a proud Registered Dietitian from a small town in New Hampshire. Her lifelong commitment to dancing is what inspired her interest in nutrition. At first she aimed for improved health, but was later influenced by the ideal body images of ballerinas and professional dancers and found nutrition advice in beauty magazines. Today, she holds her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and the University of North Florida respectively.

Through her education, she was able to identify the eating disorder she battled as a teen and finally establish a healthy relationship with food. Alyssa’s story inspires much of her work today as a Registered Dietitian. Her goal is to provide others with evidence-based nutrition education to empower them to make changes at their own pace. She is extremely diligent about understanding the science behind what our bodies need, and has a true understanding of the complexity behind building positive relationships with food. 
Alyssa gained much of her experience as a Registered Dietitian from various internship and career opportunities with the Florida Department of Health, the Veterans Affairs clinic, the Volunteers in Medicine clinic in downtown Jacksonville, Florida and more. In addition, Alyssa gained valuable sports nutrition experience from Valdosta State University Athletics in Valdosta, Georgia, St. Augustine High School Athletics in St. Augustine, Florida, and partnering with The Complex, an athletics facility in Miami, Florida as their referring dietitian