Gut Healing Program

Discover the Power of Optimal Gut Health

Are you struggling with digestive issues, discomfort, or imbalances that are impacting your overall well-being? Elevated’s Holistic Nutrition Therapy Program is based around the concept that true health begins with a balanced gut. Team up with myself, Eleanor Baker, MS, RDN an expert in gut health, who will guide you on a transformative journey towards healing and restoring your gut health naturally.

Why Nutrition Therapy?

Personalized Approach:

I understand that your gut health is unique. I take the time to thoroughly assess your specific needs and develop a tailored nutrition plan to address your concerns quickly and sustainably.

Nutrition Consultations:

During our one-on-one consultations, I will delve into your gut health concerns and gather valuable information to create your individualized nutrition plan. I work collaboratively with you, addressing dietary patterns, food sensitivities, lifestyle interventions, and gut-healing supplements.

Holistic Evaluation:

My whole body approach includes a comprehensive evaluation of your diet, lifestyle, medical history, cognitive function, laboratory testing and any underlying conditions contributing to your gut health issues. By understanding the root causes, I create a customized plan to optimize your healing.

Evidence-Based Practices:

I am constantly reviewing the latest scientific research and evidence-based protocols for gut health. You can trust that my recommendations are backed by sound nutritional principles and research backed strategies.


Laboratory Testing: I use a variety of testing services to best identify the root cause of your digestive irritability. This allows us to take the guess work out of your treatment protocols and fine tune our approach to your nutrition and supplementation.

Education and Coaching Support:

Knowing the why behind the nutrition and behavioral interventions recommended for you is key to your long-term success. During your coaching calls we will discuss the reasons for your treatment and decide the best approach for your healing together that will match your lifestyle.

Elimination Diets:

Certain food intolerances or sensitivities can disrupt your gut health. If you are presenting with symptoms, I will guide you through lab testing options as well as elimination diets protocols to identify trigger foods and further support your healing. Once your symptoms are alleviated, then we will reintroduce foods slowly to allow your body to adjust.

Gut-Healing Meal Plans:

To make this journey as easy as possibly I will develop personalized meal plans for you by incorporating nutrient-dense foods that promote optimal digestion and gut healing. These plans are designed to be practical, delicious, and sustainable for your lifestyle.


Coaching Program Overview:

  • Private Coaching Calls
    • weekly to biweekly coaching calls via zoom, phone or in person in Ventura, CA
    • Stool and blood testing options based on your goals and symptoms
    • access to chat with your dietitian in between sessions
    • personalized recommendations, timing tables and fueling strategies
  • Time commitment
    • While everyone’s healing journey can be different, plan for 6 months for optimal healing.
    • It is not uncommon to see improvements within the first month, it typically takes 3+ months to see clinical grade improvements in your gut health.
    • Option to retest after 3 months to analyze improvements

Data Driven Results

Need more in depth resources? Looking for hard data to base your protocols off of? Not satisfied with the baseline tests offered by your primary care doctors? We have in depth testing and resources to deepen your level of healthcare.
  • Laboratory testing delivered to your door
    • Stool, saliva and blood sample testing
    • Offered to majority of states in the US
  • Supplement and nutrient recommendations based on your results
  • Lab results analysis and recommendations
  • Meal plans at your finger tips

Unlock the healing power of vibrant gut health today!

Take charge of your gut health and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Book a call below to learn more about our programs and book your coaching calls. Together, we’ll uncover the root causes of your gut issues and create a personalized nutrition plan that will restore balance, vitality, and optimal health from within. 

Your gut deserves the best—let us guide you on the path to healing.

Client Stories:

Over 5 months of working together Eleanor and I have tackled my excessive amount of food allergies, created weekly movement commitments, and I have continued with a weekly group nutrition classes. As a result, I have tried many new-to-me delicious foods and flavors while meal prepping. I did the microbiome and micronutrient testing and Elle developed a plan to heal my allergies so I can re-introduce previously 'forbidden' foods. So far, there are six foods that I now eat again. The miracle of data and nutrition science! I have let go of a solid dress size and have increased overall activity level. Elle walks-the-walk and is so kind and inspiring. I can say today that my life has been 'elevated' and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Laura Musante

I had an excellent consultation with Eleanor. She very carefully explained my gut health test results to me, and recommended a holistic solution that included probiotics, herbs, nutrition (red polyphenols), and eating habits to help with digestion. Thanks Eleanor!


Today I reunited with my primary care physician. She met me with excitement and surprise by the outstanding improvement in by lab results. It confirmed that my inflammatory markers are at a record low. She asked what was different? I replied; “Eleanor Baker at Elevated Nutrition and Wellness.” Her strategic plan radically changed my life.

Art Butler

Elevated brings science and a “Why” behind recommended nutritional habits. That was a game changer for me. Understanding the connection between our gut and our mind was the insights I used to create better nutritional habits

Brian Brazda

Eleanor has been an amazing resource in helping me navigate some large lifestyle changes brought on by unexpected medical necessity. She is an incredible resource in helping to identify, manage, monitor and reflect on both large scale changes and small incremental adjustments all with the idea of creating lasting change and redefining relationships with nutrition and wellness at large. Would absolutely recommend.

Austin Painter

Eleanor is friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. I have been having GI and gut issues, so I needed Eleanor to offer solutions. We set up a meal plan that was do-able for me and healthier for my body. She has suggested better food options and menus to prepare them.

Julie Shane

Eleanor is fantastic! I initially reached out to get help with persistently high glucose levels no matter what I was doing. But instead of just "fixing the symptom", she dug deeper & asked questions that connected it to something else I had been living with for ~20 years I hadn't previously brought up because it never occurred the underlying issue was the root cause of both things. Long story, 1.5 years ago & not just following her guidance, but gaining a better understanding of how the WHAT influences the WHY, I'm a healthier person, lost a little weight, with the lowest glucose levels I've had since I started keeping track, & the other issue is nearly eliminated! Eleanor's curiosity and ability to know what questions to ask and how things are connected is second to none. Highly recommended!

Andrew Connell

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Accepted payment:

  • Private pay (credit or debit)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

We currently do not accept insurance.

  • From beginner to professional
  • Eleanor has experience with individuals at the professional level from football players on the Jacksonville Jaguars team to golfers going from the Korn Ferry Tour to the PGA Tour
  • She has worked with a number of colleges from NCAA D3 through D1 and community colleges. University of North Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, Ventura College, and more.
  • She has helped high school athletes prepare for college and set themselves up to receive scholarship funding for their athletic achievements.
  • If you are just getting started with being active or are a weekend warrior we can support you here as well.
  • Endurance:
    • Running, cycling, rowing, swimming, triathlons
  • Strength, power and precision:
    • Track and field
    • Golf
    • Dance, ballet
    • Surfing, gymnastics, cheer
  • Team sports:
    • soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, football

Are you a coach or athletic director looking for a team sports nutrition program? Click here to submit an inquiry email

We will work with adolescent to elderly individuals who are focused on improving their health and physical performance in sport.


Our team of Registered Dietitians are well equipped to work with a variety of disease states from gut health complications, eating disorders, diabetes, and auto immune conditions to allergies, pregnancy, abnormal lab values and more. 

To learn more about the medical conditions we support please visit our medical nutrition therapy page (coming soon!).

Our team of specialists can provide you with a wide range of support when it comes to disordered eating. We recognize there is a spectrum of severity when it comes to disordered eating patterns. Our goal is to provide you with a space to create a healthier relationship with food while still providing you with options to help accelerate your performance as appropriate. 

If your eating disorder is more severe, rest assured that our professional network can provide you with options that will support you.

Check out my gut health and medical nutrition therapy program or book a discovery call and ask additional questions.