Eleanor Baker, MS, RDN, LDN

A passion for preventative medicine, optimal health practices, and sports performance drew Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Eleanor “Elle” Baker, MS towards the evolving science of nutrition and dietetics. She finds great fulfillment in guiding clients towards achieving their health goals. In her desire to further aid others in their health journeys’, she started Elevated Nutrition and Wellness.

The pillars of Elevated Nutrition and Wellness are: sustainable, optimal, and longevity. Elle believes in nutrition and lifestyle interventions as well as behavioral modifications. She wants to help clients lay a foundation for their health that will continue to benefit them from the start of her program to well beyond, into the client’s elderly years.
The concept of a sustainable practice embodies that good health is more than an extreme 30-day intensive program that is impossible to uphold over time. A sustainable wellness practice is simple and easy to maintain for the rest of your life. This concept parallels the importance of thinking about each nutrition and wellness intervention as a layer. Elle has taught her clients to make choices each day that lays down their path to optimal health. It is rare to see leaps and bonds toward good health over night. Rather, it is in the small consistent changes that you will truly find your best health.

Elle’s background as a NCAA Division 1 cross country and track athlete has fueled the development of the Elevated Sports Nutrition Programs. As an athlete she saw first hand the benefit of a sound nutrition practice and how it can have a significant impact on  performance.  

Throughout college, Elle pushed herself in the University of North Florida’s track program, to rank herself among the best Division 1 steeplechase athletes in the nation. Currently, Elle works with a variety of athletes, from middle school and high school athletes to elite and professional as well as collegiate athletes at colleges such as Florida Institute of Technology and The University of North Florida.

Elle works closely with the PGA Tour as their Nutrition Coordinator for the Worksite Wellness Program at their Headquarters. The program she developed for the PGA focuses on stress management, mindfulness, nutrition goals and education, as well as healthy movement. The employees choose from a variety of programs to participate in, including individual consultations, lunch and learns, and walk and talks.  

“I am so happy that someone with Elle’s credentials is available to work with the public. What makes Elle special in her field is that she brings not only scientific experience but knowledge in college and professional sports. Elle is the real deal. Working with her could be life changing!”

– Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Education | Credentials

Awards | Achievements

  • Division 1 NCAA All-Academic Women’s Track & Field Team 2014 – 2015
  • Division I NCAA East Regional Track and Field Qualifier for the Women’s Steeplechase 2015 – 2016
  • University of North Florida Women’s Cross Country and Track Team Capitan 2014 – 2016
  • Personal Records:
    • (17:14) 5K
    • (10:19) 3K steeplechase
    • (4:24) 1500 meters
    • (2:17) 800 meters

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