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Wondering which option is best for you? Set up a complimentary phone consultation and Elle will assess your goals and recommend the most appropriate route for you! 

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Please submit your contact information below and Elle be in contact with you as soon as possible! Feel free to reach out directly to Elle via email by clicking here.



Elevated offers a variety flexible meeting options! When prompted for your desired location, please list the area of town you would like to have your consultation in and we will do our best to meet you there! You location options include, but are not limited to:

  • Telehealth or phone call If you travel frequently for work, sport, or fun, this is an excellent option for you to help you stay on track and on pace with the programs. Video chat with your favorite dietitian and follow along with screen sharing capabilities.
  • Custom Location This option provides convenience to clients by offering the nutrition services in a local cafe, grocery store, or other agreed upon location.
  • The Body Balance Institute  Meet at the beautiful Body Balance Institute pilates studio on Hodges blvd offers a variety of movement classes and the Elevated Nutrition and Wellness Services. *prices may vary at this location. Packages are to be purchased at the studio and consultations associated with the packages must stay in house.