7 Secrets to Stay Healthy While Flying

Whether you are traveling for leisure or for work, as invigorating as traveling is, it can take a toll on your health as a seasoned voyager or a first-time flyer. Here are Elle’s 7 secrets to stay healthy while flying.

1 | Utilize the Airline Apps

This is an incredible time saver that keeps you organized and reduces any unnecessary stress while traveling.

Using the apps can help you check in early, keep track of your tickets, and stay up to date with your flight. No more fumbling around for your paper tickets (and potentially losing them) or having show up to the airport two hours early to stand in line to check in for your flight and print tickets.

2 | Drink Enough Water

With the hustle and bustle of travel and having to show up with an empty water bottle for security check in, ensuring that you are drinking enough can easily go on the back burner. Being preoccupied and forgetful to drink regularly compounded with the fact that flying dehydrates you as well creates a perfect little storm.

On long flights it is easy become bored and restless, ensure you are drinking adequate amounts of water to curb any boredom eating. Misinterpreting thirst as hunger is not uncommon and can promote unnecessary snacking. Getting up and to go to the bathroom regularly during your flight will also promote proper circulation and reduce muscle stiffness

3 | Properly Pack

During your travels it will be tempting to show the world how strong you are as you trek your heavy bags through the airport. While your show of machoness is impressive, make sure you are packing efficiently. This is an excellent time to practice being a minimalist! Are you a frequent traveler? Take note of what you don’t use on your trips and leave those items at home on the next go round.

Traveling with two bags? Try the sandwich method to balance your load properly and prevent tweaking your back. A tweaked back never makes for an enjoyable adventure – especially if it’s on the first leg of your trip!

4 | Stay Organized

Before you even leave home, make sure your bags are packed for easy access. In the carry on bag, keep your wallet (photo ID), phone (ticket) in a convenient spot where you can easy take them out for security and check-in. Keep your empty water bottle, snacks, and a jacket in there as well.

With these essentials in place you can move quickly through security and not be that person who is slowing everything down as they fumble through their bags.

Traveling through a sketchy area? Keep your valuables packed in between your bag and your chest or in a secure pocket that is not as readily available where it can be snatched up. You can also use luggage with locks on the bags for additional safe keeping.

5 | BYOF

Bring your own food! During your travels you will save a boat load of money and continue to progress towards your health goals if you come prepared with yummy snacks (and a meal for longer trips)! Check out this article for more tips and tricks when it comes to nutrition on the fly.

6 | Zen It Up!

Check out the airports listed below to utilize their yoga room to stretch or do mediation during your layovers. This is a great way to reduce any stress you may have while traveling and get your Zen on.

These are the airports I found to have designated spaces for yoga:

If you have a wellness routine that you enjoy following while you are at home, do your best to continue to follow it while you are one the road to help you stay healthy while flying. If it feels good, stick to it!

7 | Premium or Gold Airline Member?

Take advantage of the airline lounge! They have excellent healthy options to enjoy in the airline lounges. From cold cuts and soup, to salad, hummus, and pasta dishes. You can easily build a well-rounded plate. Need some additional calories or a snack to go? Check out their snack area for trail mixes or fresh fruit.

Keep in mind the food in the lounges are served buffet style so it is best to first survey the options, pick what you want, and then get in line and fill your plate. This reduces extra food being piled on along with unwanted pounds! Be mindful at the free bar as well – up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women to keep things in moderation.

All in all, it is simple to stay healthy while flying. Be organized, pack smart, bring healthy snacks, and take a little extra time for yourself when you when can! These are my top secrets to stay healthy while flying. If you have any secrets that I didn’t touch on, please share, you input is always appreciated!

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