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Thanksgiving Menu & Balanced Holiday Habits Guide

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We are so grateful to have you as a part of our Elevated Community

’tis the season to count your blessings and enjoy the glass as half full! I cannot say how incredibly grateful I am to have YOU as a part of this amazing health focused community of go getters. Everyday I am inspired by you and your fellow Elevated Members to get after it and continue to add all these wonderful layers of healthy choices to our lifestyles as a community! 

Words cannot express how amazing it is to work with you all everyday and I wanted to share our Thanksgiving Menu and Balanced Holiday Habits Guide!

Serve up the dinner of a lifetime filled with wholesome ingredients and our secret ingredient of love infused into every dish!

The guide includes:

  • 2 Starters
  • 2 Sides
  • 2 Main Dishes
  • Dessert
  • Mock-tail and cocktail recipes

Let’s ditch the “lose weight gained over the holiday’s” new years goals. Thats sooooo 2019 you know! Feel great AND celebrate with our Balanced Holiday Habits Guide, created with you in mind :). We touch on key points that can be easily implemented to help you stay on track and not feel like a stuffed turkey by the end of the season.

Let’s set our sights on big goals for 2021 and not be trying to craw out of the hole we made over the holidays. Savor, be merry, LIVE IT UP! and keep moving forward with your health!

We love seeing your creativity in the kitchen or the healthy habits you are getting after! Tag us @elevated.nutrition on instagram or facebook with a picture of the dishes and activities you are getting into this season!

Sending lots of good vibes your way from our kitchen to yours!

With love,

Eleanor and all of our wonderful staff on Team Elevated

Written by:

Hi! My name is Eleanor, I have a love for delicious and nutritious dishes, the outdoors, great people, and good times! I am a Registered Dietitian and an enthusiast when it comes to learning about health and how I can help others to feel their best. Learn more about living vibrantly on my site and take your health to the next level with a more individual approach when you meet with me.

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