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Your Community Reflects Your Health

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How Your Community Reflects Your Health

When you look at the people you interact with on a regular basis…. what do you see? Are you inspired by your community? Do they work hard? Do they take time to prioritize relaxing and self care? Are they kind? Do they lead lives that you aspire to lead in different ways? Your community reflects your health.

So much of the energy you put out into our world is reflected back to you. Have you ever noticed that if you start a conversation with a complaint or a negative comment this often draws the other person to also share a complaint or negative comment. This reaction goes the same if you express gratitude or kindness! Take note of how you are interacting with your community – are you building up those around you?

Language Drives Action

It will be significantly harder to stick to a goal of getting up at 5 am to make it to the gym before work if your partner or friends give you a hard time about going to bed early. Pay close attention to the language you are surrounding yourself with. What are you talking about on a regular basis? What topics do you consistently dive into? Do they align with where you want to go in life? Do they support the improvements you are striving to make? So much of your habits are supported (or sometimes chastised!) by who you surround yourself with.

When working with clients in the past, I have noticed that when they are committed and excited about improving themselves, often this permeates curiosity into their community. Before they know it their friends are asking them to go to a workout class and their kids are reading food labels.

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How Do You Engage With Your Community?

Think about the activities you do regularly with your friends. If you always go out to the bars, drink too much and stay out late, the likelihood of that friend group helping you stick to your fitness goals is going to be pretty slim. The opposite will be the same for your die hard health nuts. If you are hanging with a health conscious group, you will find yourself getting involved in activities like going for a hike or checking out the local farmers market. What do you like to do with your friends on the weekend?

Community and Self Assessment Exercise

Let’s dive into an exercise you can do to assess how things are currently going for you. Pull out a sheet of paper and write down 5-10 people who have inspired you lately. They can be your close friends or family, coworkers, podcasters, authors or celebrities.

Write their names down. Now, next to their name, write down why they inspire you.

Take some time to think about how you can incorporate these awesome people into your life more? How can you make time to spend with them? How do you enrich their lives? Maybe you need to read one of their books or listen to their podcast consistently if you do not know them personally (and thats totally cool!). You will find that your community is like a toolbox. Some you look to for guidance in relationships or health while others shed light on career advancements or leading the lifestyle you desire.

Your Energy Reflected In Your Community

Take an honest assessment of yourself and the energy you are bringing to the table. How you are leading your life? Are you inspiring others to strive and grow in a positive manner? The key to attracting awesome people into your life is to live YOUR life with the energy, drive and intentions that you wish to receive. You are a magnet to the energy that you bring to the table. Be kind and the world will reciprocate. 

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