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Steady Mind, Strong Body

Strong is the new sexy is what the headlines read these days. But what does that really mean? From the perspective of an elite health coach this means a blend of physical and mental strength. That strength empowers us to feel and perform our best on a daily basis and thus a strong mind and strong body.

Recently I became a Certified Mindfulness Coach for My Steady Mind (MSM), a mindfulness and mental resiliency company. In doing so, it has reiterated the importance of our mental health and how it interacts with our physical health and nutrition choices.

Strong Mind Body Connection

How we think and perceive the world is incredibly interconnected with our physical wellbeing. Our thoughts drive our actions and the choices we make for our nutrition, exercise, sleep and so much more.

The MSM course teaches the importance of an Emotional Control Routine (ECR). ECR focuses on the impact of grounding techniques like that of meditation, journaling and breathing exercises. By having these practices in place and practicing them daily, you are building up your sense of self awareness.

A strong sense of self-awareness helps to guide how much and what to eat. Developing this deeper sense, will teach you to listen to what your body is telling you. When you begin to live a more mindful lifestyle you are able to pick up fullness and hunger cues which help to keep you energized and prevent overeating.

A mindfulness practice will allow you to better understand what your body is signaling to you when you experience a “craving.” This is a way your body states that it needs more food. Or maybe it’s letting you know that you need to take a break, snag a quick nap or step away from a situation to get some fresh air.

Developing mindfulness though meditation, mental exercises or journaling will help you to confidently make nutrition choices that are right for you. It allows you to build a stronger, more balanced lifestyle and stay on track.

In learning to bolster these skill sets through various exercises you will begin to become a happier and healthier human for doing so!

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Hi! My name is Eleanor, I have a love for delicious and nutritious dishes, the outdoors, great people, and good times! I am a Registered Dietitian and an enthusiast when it comes to learning about health and how I can help others to feel their best. Learn more about living vibrantly on my site and take your health to the next level with a more individual approach when you meet with me.


  • Ulrike

    Interested to hear your thoughts on the My Steady Mind Program!

    • Eleanor Baker, MS, RD, LDN

      Its a great program! I learned a good deal from going through the certification process that has helped me stride through different challenges on the road.

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