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Reduce Anxiety and Build Confidence

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Use these mental shift exercises to reduce anxiety and build up your confidence. Do not let your small problems become big ones. Focusing on the good and all that you have in this moment so you can glow from the inside out.

Reduce Anxiety

Even though we live in the Land of Plenty, it is not uncommon to find ourselves still seeking and wanting for “something better.” Be it a nicer house, better booty or abs, a high paying career or what have you. When you are living life from a space of wanting, you lose your internal power. You lose sight of all you have and all the amazing things you have accomplished and are doing. You become a victim and seek external validation for what you feel you should be doing.

In this state, you are not leading your life with your heart. Dampened is the fire that guides and fuels your passions. To be self confident, you must do just that – you must be confident in yourself. It requires you to not look at what is lacking… rather, you must be grateful for all you have. Developing an intentional gratitude practice can help you to reduce anxiety and build your confidence.

Build Your Confidence

These days bookstore shelves are lined with gratitude journals and daily mantras. But does practicing gratitude actually work? When you express gratitude your brain releases the “feel good” hormones dopamine and serotonin. This elevates your mood immediately and helps to put your head space into a happier place. 

Cultivating gratitude can be as simple as putting your pen to paper. You don’t need a fancy notebook (although I like one because its more fun!) to make this happen. Start off by writing down 5 things that you are grateful for EVERYDAY.

Practicing gratitude daily is key here. You are rewiring your thought patterns here and in order to do so (like all great things in life), you need to practice and be consistent with it. Schedule time every morning or evening to build this practice into your routine.

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How to Build Up Confidence

If you have ever been a woman (or man) you have likely needed a confidence boost at some point! Believe it or not, you can use gratitude journaling to foster this! If you have been struggling with self love or your body image try this exercise:

For 30 days write 5 things you like about your body. This can be about your hair, nails, neck, booty, anything and everything. Practice this self love gratitude exercise EVERYDAY. Take note of how it is shaping your mind and how it makes you feel along the way.

This maybe harder somedays than others but keep working on it and try to be genuine or at the very least kind with your words during the process. You will likely notice that as you go along this process becomes easier as you begin to find more and more things that you love about your body. 🙂


Feel good about your amazing bod already? Great! This exercise can also be applied to career, finances, material goods, relationships, what have you. This is YOU recognizing that your glass is half full everyday. For more exercises, guidance and personalized programs to elevate your physical and mental health book a discovery session.

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