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6 Tips for Grocery Shopping

Swish! The doors slide open and you are greeted with the chill of a temperature-controlled building and a plethora of options to feed yourself with. Ah, the grocery store. Pristine as a palace without a plum out of place. You steer your buggy over to the produce section and start to examine the spread that is laid before you. Organic, conventional, local, seasonal, on sale, sustainable, buy one get one! You have a world of options at your fingertips, what more could you ask for?!

Quite frankly, for many, there seems to be a common request – simplicity. The knowledge to know what to select quickly, efficiently and confidently to take home to nourish yourself and your family can be a lifesaver and time saver. If you are one of the many busy bees of the world, taking the time to scrutinize which items are best, what produce to choose, or even figuring out how to make a quick and easy week night dinner can seem overwhelming after a long day. Thankfully, your favorite dietitian, Elle Baker is here to help streamline the process for you, so you can be in and out of the store in no time!

Check the Sale Ads:Luckys-Market

In a previous article series, I shared with you the secrets of how to meal prep. That is a wonderful skill to get into the habit of and will make the shopping experience much easier. That being noted, maybe you prefer to focus on just one or two meals in your shopping excursion right now. Take a look at the sale ads of your local grocery store (they are often listed online or on their store app). This will help you to select the most affordable and often in season groceries.

Have a Plan:

From there decide on a recipe you would like to make with some on the sale or seasonal ingredients being advertised.  Choose a recipe and take account of what you already have on hand and what you will need.

Make a List:

Just as you would consider what you will need for a home maintenance project before you go to Homedepot, you should do the same for what you plan to create with the groceries you buy. Take a moment to make a shopping list before heading out the door. YES, a shopping list! As simple as it sounds it will save you more time and money than you ever dreamed possible. You could be the next Jeff Bezos if you stick with this extremely important tip! Keep the list on the notes section in your phone so you won’t lose it, or you can kick it old school and keep a small notepad in your purse or wallet.

Your handy shopping list will help to prevent a mishmash of edible items making it into your cart and racking up your grocery bill. It is never enjoyable coming home with bags of food but no idea what to make with all of it. Keep it simple, make a grocery list.

Shop the Perimeter:

Sticking to the outside wall of the grocery store will help you stay focused on the most nutritious items offered. Produce, meats, seafood, nut bins, dairy items, and eggs are all typically found on the perimeter of the store. If you know that the chip aisle or ice-cream section are your downfalls, keep them out of sight and out of mind as you make your way around the store.

timthumbShop Smarter:

Hate chopping or are short on time? Take advantage of the short cuts already made for you! Precut and spiralized fruit and veggies, bagged salad, rotisserie chicken, or if you are shopping at Publix, they offer prepackaged and freshly prepared meals that you just have to pop in your oven once you get home. These items may be a little more up front, but it can save you time and money in the long run if you skip eating out for your next meal.

Treat Yourself:

Spring for something fancy every once in a while, to spoil yourself for taking your health into your own hands. Maybe its gourmet espresso beans, an exotic fruit you’ve been eye balling, a special craft beer, or fresh flowers. Whatever suits your fancy, remember to spoil yourself every now and then!


Want to take the frontend work on figuring out what meals to make that week? Sign up for a Meal Plan from Elle! Complete with a shopping list, nutrition info and customized to meet your needs. This is a stress free and easy way to keep you on track with your health!

Have more questions about the best options to make while shopping at your grocery store? Wonder which eggs to choose or whether it is worthwhile to choose organic or conventional produce? Book your grocery store tour with Elle today! Complete with recommended recipes and a shopping list!



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